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Application scenario
Chainconnectionfor a convenient future.


vehicle electronics

-vehicle electronics-

Used for the connection of automobile electronic equipment, such as car navigation system, car stereo, car charger, etc.


household appliances

—Household appliances—

Can be widely used in household appliances, such as washing machines, bowl washers, power tools, etc.


Digital products

—Digital products—

Used in digital products, such as cameras, camcorders, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.




It also has important applications in the field of communication equipment, such as wireless routers and communication base stations.


Electronic instruments

—Electronic instruments—

It is suitable for all kinds of electronic instruments and equipment, such as laboratory instruments and medical equipment.

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High Precision Waterproof Earphone Jack
10 years experience
113 technology patents
50-person R&D team
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The product comprehensively meets the application needs of various industries such as digital electronics, home appliances, communication equipment, automotive electronics, etc.

Thoughtful after-sales service, timely handling, product issues replied within 5 minutes, resolved within 48 hours.
experience: 12 years focused on connector research and development.
quality testing: Meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements of EU through ISO9001 quality management system.
service:Timely response to progress and production problems.
Supply capacity: average daily shipment of over 2 million pieces, with a year-round reserve of 10 million pieces in stock.
about Us
About us
Dongguan Zhiliang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 50 million, an independent factory area of ​​8,000 square meters, more than 120 employees, and 16 management and technical personnel. It is a manufacturer integrating production, manufacturing, and supply, specializing in production : Waterproof DC socket, 2.5MM/3.5MM waterproof headphone socket, waterproof type-c, compatible with similar products from major foreign brands such as TIC, CUI, ADAM, Foxconn, etc. Our products are widely used in: outdoor products, Internet of Things, game consoles , medical electronics, security monitoring, network communications, bank terminals, smart homes, food thermometers, consumer products and other industry application fields. The company strictly follows: ISO9001:2016/ISO14001:2016 and other system certifications, and complies with ROHS environmental protection requirements. Believe in the good news Things start from this moment, committed to providing professional waterproof connector solutions!

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "keep improving, strive for perfection, quality first, customer satisfaction, and environmentally friendly production". At the same time, we have independent mold design, automated machine development structure, excellent quality management team and sophisticated testing instruments to ensure the quality of shipments. Stable, strive to become the leader in the industry as soon as possible, and provide customers with cost-effective products. We hope that customers will join hands with us to create a better tomorrow.
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